Tx Pad Pro

Tx Pad Pro

Premium START transmitter designed for block starts and 3-point starts

Tx Pad Pro is the premium Freelap transmitter specially designed for block starts and 3-point starts. Easy to use, it is placed on ground on the start line. As soon as the athlete removes his finger from the transmitter, the chip timer is instantly triggered with a high accuracy.

• Accurate
Triggers the start with a 0,01s accuracy
• Autonomous
Athlete presses/releases a button to trigger the start; Athletes can train on their own.
• Versatile
Can be used for block starts and 3-point starts.
• Ergonomic
For an optimal ease of use and to avoid imbalances, the start zone of the transmitter is flat, non-slip, and large.
• Compatible
Works with both FxChip and FxChip BLE.
• Longer battery life
Thanks to its Power button, you can turn on / off the device to extend battery life.
• Rechargeable
Transmitter is charged using magnetic USB cable (provided).

Technical Sheet:

• Weight: 130 g
• Dimensions: 170 x 100 x 15 / 3 mm
• Start zone dimensions: Diameter 30 mm
• Compatibility: FxChip / FxChip BLE
• Transmitter with 1 code: START
• Detection field: 1.5 meters
• Minimum time between 2 transmitters: 0,7 second
• Accuracy: 1/100 of a second
• Battery: 3.7V 320mAH LiPo rechargeable battery, automatic shutdown after 12h
• Battery life: 300 hours
• Water resistance: IP67
• Operating temperatures: -20°C to +50°C

€ 150,- excl. btw     € 181,50 incl. btw


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26 oktober 2023